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Cheaper than a face lift!

One of the most amazing side effects of working on trauma is the incredible shift in the physical appearance. Imagine trying to hold a beach ball under water for 62 years. Now imagine the relief it is when you release the ball or trauma. I have seen a 70 year young women finally tell of an abuse by a grandparent when she was 8. After finally telling that secret she looked 10 years younger. I've seen women absolute radiate after trauma work, another stood taller and looked less fragile, or the relief softens the face.

The body holds secrets and those secrets often come with shame. The shame usually comes with self punishment which quite often will show up as an autoimmune disease. I've see a woman that have had an abortion or another that had a affair with a married man. Both of these women are very ill with autoimmune disease.

I believe with shame it is important to find the blessing in the experience which can help to reach self forgiveness or forgiveness of others. What did you learn about yourself? How did it shift your life? Did you do the best you could at the time with what you had in your life?

Tell your secret and practice self forgiveness and Find you Freedom. You are worth it!!!!!

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