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Past life regression to heal my mother issues.

Since seeing my deceased brother decades ago I have become interested in life after death, past lives, angels, energy work, and shamanism. I would say up until that point I did not believe in a higher power but the day I FELT my brother was life changing. On my way home from work one ordinary day I saw my brother's figure which was very small in the car with me. Shocked! I closed my eyes and shook my head several times and each time I opened my eyes he was still there. Then the most amazing feeling of peace and happiness filled my whole body at that insistent it changed my whole belief system. See my brother had a difficult life and in 1988 at the age of 28 took his own life. So when I FELT that feeling I KNEW there was more than what I had previously believed. So I started reading and investigating and one topic lead me to another.

Past lives have intrigued since then. I have often gotten frustrated or short on patience with my mother. I tried the protective bubble, breathing, affirmations, and the thought she can only do what she knows, but with her aging I need to help her more than ever. I was angry to say the least. I decided to try past life regression to just see if there was something more because this was NOT a healthy situation. What I found was amazing. I shared two lives with her that had conflict. The first was a father and son that had a toxic relationship back in the late 1500's and the second we had homesteads that connected, back in the 1800's. The rage and hatred we shared in that lifetime was intense. So knowing this has helped me to look at her differently and to understand where those feeling are coming from, the past not the present.

So I highly recommend a past life regression for difficult relationships, people you feel you knew before, self sabotage, illness that can not be explain, places you are drawn to, or unusual birthmarks. (more blogs to come on these)

Through past life regression you can "Find Your Freedom."

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