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Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

The way to a women's consciousness is to help her see her worth and the way to her subconscious is to help her understand her innate ability to heal herself. In order for her to heal, she needs support and nurturing from the tribe of women, or even one woman, that has her best interest at heart.

The body is amazing, it can go through so much and still maneuver as if nothing has happened until it builds up and takes on illness. The psyche is different from the body because it instantly will shift, change, shut down or go in. The mental mind will tell you all kinds of false truths. It's my fault, I deserve it, no one cares, I am not worth protection, I am to be used and so on. The emotional body goes into shock and may never fully come out of it and this can be a life long journey to heal the devastation. This shock/dissociation/soul loss causes anxiety, depression, frustration, loss of dreams (your vision for your life), loss of childhood. However, soul searching can help to understand the deeper meaning to the abuse/trauma.

Spiritually there is a loss of faith or love for the creator. How could he ever let this happen to me, I am one of his own. When faith is shaken, it can bring us to our knees, or worse our death, as many abuse survivors take their own lives in desperation to leave the pain done to their bodies, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

When one suffers abuse, they tend to go in and look for ways to be accepted. Many will look to sex as a way to find closeness. They crave closeness because they have put up walls around their heart and body. It seems like an oxymoron that the abused looks for sex as a way for connection with another human being, this is because it is intense and short lived and just enough to satisfy the need for connection in a powerful short time. Often times, the person will then feel shame, guilt, and vulnerable, sinking deeper into self, until the need for connection comes around again. This connection gives them acceptance, worth, pleasure, and an energetic shift or surge, until they realize it is possibly short lived and one sided, because often the person is not looking for a strong connection because that means letting someone in. If the person is letting someone in, and looking for a long term relationship, she keeps the relationship and partner very controlled, as a way and means to protect herself. This in turn creates much stress in the relationship and can make it difficult for her to let down the walls and let the partner in, in order to have a full and complete loving environment in which both can thrive.

If this resonates with you, there are many practices that can assist with breaking down your walls.

For assistance in understanding your ability to heal yourself, contact me today.

Chris Fisher


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