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Loss of Trust

Often a sexual abuse or trauma(big or small) survivor will experience a loss of trust. One could even say a loss of self, along with the loss of trust, which shows up as an emotional or physical wall.

Emotional walls can be hard for the individual to recognize, and can impact our life without us fully understanding and realizing that it is our lack of trust that causes us to respond how we do to the life event.

For example: You meet a wonderful person and you think you might want to start a relationship with this person, but your subconscious is on high alert. The bells are sounding and the lights are flashing 'warning', because relationships in your past have not ended well. You fear you will be hurt again, and this is understandable!

You will either keep the walls up, and never fully commit but stay in the relationship, or you will unconsciously self sabotage the relationship, thus pushing yourself or the other person away.

We can take our mistrust into other areas of our lives as well. Let's say you hear two co-workers having a discussion and one happens to glance your way. Your mistrusting subconscious makes this conversation about you, and tells your conscious mind all kinds of misinformation about what is being said in their conversation.

It is important for us to understand where and how our lack of trust shows up in our emotional and spiritual life. The effects in our physical life is more noticeable, and once you recognize it in yourself, you are more able to recognize it in others. The walls of the physical can show up as extra weight, keeping others at a distance and burying the vulnerable soul/self deeper. It can also work the opposite, where a person will starve themselves to be invisible, getting thinner and thinner. One may also put on the tough exterior in looks or personality. 'I am a bad ass - don't mess with me' type of persona.

However the walls show themselves, we first have to acknowledge and heal the underlying trauma. It is there, where you can 'Find your Freedom".

Chris Fisher


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