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The ugly truth behind the inspirational quote!

I was a inspirational quote junkie! I had them all over my office in the massage rooms, in the waiting area, as you first walked into the office, even in the restroom. Quotes such as live your life, create happiness, do with what you have. You get the picture! However what these quotes were telling me was I was NOT living my life, I was NOT happy, I was limited in abundance. I took them all down and replace them with artwork that uplifted me, statues of Goddesses and such.

So be aware of what you are putting in your space. What is the hidden message behind those quotes that you see everywhere!!!!!

Since I have noticed this with the quotes I have also become careful with listening to music. I had a CD I made with all kinds of songs that I listened to every morning. You know the kind you are beautiful, you are a bad ass, you are strong. So there again what was the hidden message I was replaying to myself. I was NOT beautiful, I was NOT brave, I was NOT strong.

You are good enough! You are beautiful! You are prefect just the way you are!!! Don't let any sign or song tell you otherwise.

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