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Therapeutic Experience - Annie: Emotional Binge Eating

I was approached by a beautiful young lady in her late 20's; for an eating issue. Her request was hypnotherapy to assist with the emotional binge eating she was experiencing. When she was sad or, angry she would leave the house and eat until she was sick. She was so ashamed. This behavior is a coping mechanism used by her father as a way of dealing with his life. Annie did not want to go down this same path as her father.

Annie's relationship with her father has been tremulous to say the least. We soon knew we would need to work with that along with the eating issue.

Session #1

We did hypnotherapy to discover more insights about the eating issue and to have a releasing conversation with her father. We went on a healing journey to obtain information to guide her on the path. I suggested that she share her binge eating with her husband as the hiding was so shameful. Under hypnosis, I had her feel peace and calm so she could take those feeling back into everyday life.

Session #2

In the second session, we did what I call intuitive massage, working on the pain in her right glute area. The energy in her glutes and leg gave her the feeling of needing to run away. Above her right glute, I could see the word "kick" when I asked her what that meant to her; she said she used to kick items when she was upset with her father's behavior. I knew then that; energy; was held in her leg. While I worked on removing the stuck energy, I gave Annie a note pad and pen and had her write anything she wanted to say to her father. As I worked to remove the blockage, she wrote. I also did a soul retrieval to bring back lost soul pieces. The discomfort in her glutes and legs decreased. After she dressed, we did a ritual burning of the paper and the words she wrote.

Session #3

In this session, her left glute was causing her pain. As I investigated the area, I could sense a held scream in that area. I knew it was very; deep. I applied an herbal poultice to weaken it and bring it to the surface to be extracted. I did what is called a canoe healing in the Shamanic culture to bring back her power. Ending with more extraction work on her lower back to release, limiting beliefs.

Session #4

In this session, we did a past life regression, to see if there was a past life connection between Annie and her father. We found back in the 1600's that Annie was a male and worked the farms for her employer. The employer was not a very nice guy to work for, and just so happened to be her present-day father. In this past life regression, we also found out that as Annie was in utero, her mother feared her present, day father would not love her.

While doing energy, I sensed anger and asked what that was all about. Annie went on to explain that her husband's business did not always create a reliable income and needed to have two to three jobs.

Continuing to work on the sacrum area where I have found limiting beliefs to be stored. I worked to remove, "I am not good enough." Amazingly under that energy, I found an old energy that she brought into this lifetime from that lifetime from the 1600s. We asked the Angel of White Light to heal Annie and the part of her that was the gentlemen from the 1600s, and the memory from the womb; it was a magical moment for them.

Session #5

Annie; had pain in the left lower back. I immediately saw a split rail fence and asked if that meant anything to her. A memory arose of a time on her playground in her back yard. She was falling and yelled for her father's help, only to receive the "look." I asked what belief she associated with that event, and she said, "I am not worth helping."

When I see the energy of limiting belief, I see it usually in the lumbar area and, it often has what I call tentacles that wrap around the lumbar spine.

Annie's tentacles were over the uterus. I asked if she was thinking of having a baby and, yes, there had been some talk about having a child.

While working to remove that energy from the uterus, it soon started to illuminate; bluish-white light. Now if Annie chooses to conceive, the uterus is ready.

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