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Therapeutic Experience: Beth - Magical Unicorn or Bat?

I love the work of being the hollow bone for which Spirit can work through, as I learn something new all the time. An example would be with Beth, who often suffers from anxiety. While under hypnosis, Beth came across a magical unicorn where she was at peace; the unicorn slowly turned into a red-eyed bat. I found that interesting. How often do our triggers cause us to see things or circumstances as a red-eyed bat, when in all actuality they are a magical unicorn.

Beth and I have worked together as she prepared to go into rehab. We decided it would be best to give her the best possible chance for success if we checked to see if she had any attachments. Attachments are earthbound Spirits that have not crossed, and a person can pick them up anywhere. They become like hitchhikers, and they can bring the host some of the traits they had while alive. In Beth's case, she tended to have an addictive personality to drugs, alcohol, and sex. During the attachment release, I found an attachment or hitchhiker for each addiction. The most amazing one to be released was involved in a past life, where she worked as a prostitute in a home with eight other girls. Her attachment was the madam that oversaw the girl's activities. Beth happened to be her favorite. She wanted to watch over Beth and followed her into this lifetime. We came across another hitchhiker that had Beth's best interest at heart from another past life. This one was associated with her drinking. The attachment found nothing wrong with using alcohol to make it through life. In the past life the attachment died from alcohol poisoning.

As of this writing Beth is celebrating better than 100 days clean.

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