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These pictures speak volumes

I have had the honor and privilege to work with a young women that has reinforced much of what I believe about trauma.

She has experienced much sexual abuse, trauma, and loss of self esteem through wounding disrespect.

At a young age she experienced sexual abuse from not one but four abuser. This along with other traumas sent her into a downward spiral of self numbing through drugs and sexual promiscuity. To her credit she was able to overcome the drug addiction, what followed was using food to numb. After a time her weight grow to 400 plus pounds. She determined her best approach to weight loss was a type of gastric bypass. (View past blogs on how we use food to battle trauma) With food numbing now not being an option it was easy for her to fall into other addictions. When I first met this beautiful soul she was suicidal and deep in her addiction.

After support, coaching, various healing modalities, breath work, self reflection, tears and the willingness to dig deep. She seldom thinks of suicide and is in a better place to once again work to overcome her addiction.

As the old saying goes "Picture is worth a thousand words" These pictures speak volumes.

How she views herself today, as she works to Find her Freedom!

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