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Grieving your addiction

"Cigarettes have never left me," Carol said. She wanted to quit smoking and came to me for hypnotherapy. She mentioned several times how cigarettes never let her down, were always there for her, and was a constant in her life. She had the best of intentions, she had a very valid reason to stop. Cigarettes were destroying her health and body, but the thought of letting go of her best friend was just not something she could do just yet. I never saw her again.

Recently I was able to understand her thinking on a deeper level. I too was faced with leaving the friend that had been with me through thick and thin. My friend was there for me with a reward when I had a long day, picked me up when I felt down, gave me pick up when I needed energy, when I felt not appreciated, when I was bored it has always been there. I need to make some changes in my life and I have tried many ways to accomplish that change. This left me feeling very sad and depressed. I could not understand what those feelings were about. I had no logical reason to feel sad. I sat with feelings of sadness. Then I deeply understood what Carol was talking about. I needed to leave my BEST friend behind, food. I started to see food as more of an entity with a purpose in my life. Because of this, I needed to grieve the loss of my best friend as I prepared to walk away from our relationship. This thinking has helped me to make some changes I need to make to get where I want to go in life.

Carol and my experience got me thinking that every addiction serves as a friend in some way and you really must be ready to let go of that relationship.


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