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The most extraordinary past life to date

Clair is a regular to Therapeutic Experience and each time is always intriguing whether we are doing hypnosis, mediumship, or self-discovery, but our most recent session blew both of us away. She had decided today she would have a massage instead of TE, after I left the room to allow her to undress. the door quickly opened and she said, "Let's do energy work." I said."Okay, some nice quiet Reiki?" That was the plan but I should have known with Clair that is never the case, what did transpire was the most amazing past life I've come across to date.

Let me tell you how this works for me. Sometimes I lead a client through a past life regression with hypnosis and sometimes I see the past life for them that's the case with Clair's recent session. As normal I placed my hands on her head to get connected for a nice quiet Reiki session that we had discussed. Immediately I saw a riderless white horse dressed in armor standing in a fog with trees in the background.

Then I received a flash it felt female and I knew she was powerful, but she passed by so quickly I did not get a visual in my mind's eye. However, I could feel her standing behind me off my left shoulder, and I knew she tended to hide. I saw her standing behind trees watching all that went on in the forest, she watched those who traveled close to her hidden cabin. She had the ability to talk to animals and nature. She was an expert at blending in with the landscape. She wore a long forest green dress with a long black coat over it, the dress had a tattered hem, I figured from many trips through the woods. "Why is she in the woods by herself?" I asked Spirit. I then saw a taller man with a father's energy in tan clothing, and I felt a distrust about him, he did not trust people. "So, why the distrust?" I asked. In my mind's eye, I saw a pair of unique eyes, which were very light in color. I told Clair "She has unique eyes." Her response was "She talks through her eyes." (Clair is rather intuned as well) With further questioning of Spirit, I found out that at an early age, she had the gift of clairvoyance, and with those eyes, she was sure to stand out. Her father worried she may be taken if not killed. Clair asked, "What year is it?" The number 1620 came to mind. (Later research showed that was the witch hunt era) I was shown how she only went into the village under the cover of darkness, I saw only one home that had a light shining. I took it that this was the only place she went where she was known to them. I asked about her mother and siblings and I did not feel any energy from other family members.

The protective father took her deep into the woods to protect her, and their small cabin blended into the woods perfectly. As I continued the energy work with Clair I continued to see the horse dressed in its armor. Across my view, I saw the woman on her hands and feet with the agility of a mountain lion she came up alongside the horse stopped, and sniffed the ground under the horse's chest, I assume smelling for humans. I told Clair. "Oh my God, she is a shapeshifter." (In my Shaman training we shapeshift, it was an incredible experience) Then I watched her shift from being on the ground to standing in front of the horse as a young woman. I had a knowing she buried the horse's armor and took the horse several villages over and either gifted or sold the horse to a farmer, intending to leave no trace of the horse.

As I made my way around the table doing clearing and energy work for Clair. The woman appeared at my left and blew a white powder across Clair's head and chest. "Whoa!" I wasn't expecting that. I then went back to Clair's head to finish the energy work. I noticed shortly after the blowing of the powder that Clair started deep breathing. I was concerned about the powder so I asked Spirit if that was going to cause any harm to Clair. I heard the woman say, "That would be harming myself." Since we are One Soul throughout all our lives, as she is Clair and Clair is her.

As I ended the session I told Clair about the powder and she said, "That must have been the time when I started breathing in positive thoughts and exhaling negative thoughts." Her example was breathing in love and exhaling stress and these "Thoughts just kept cycling through with each breath." Amazing! As Clair said, "What a wild ride." As I told Clair she has all this knowledge in her if she can just tap into it.

Knowing very little about what I assumed to be a Knight's horse I researched the year 1620. I found out that "Knights" ended around the 1600s as military tactics changed but they still used armor on horses into the 1600s. I also researched peasant clothing and her dress was typical of that era.

I am always in amazement when working with Spirit.

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