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Therapeutic Experience- Charles

Charles experiences PTSD from a traumatic childhood and with all PTSD has had a serve impact on his life. Charles had a very tumultuous relationship with his father the abuse was unspeakable and the mother incapable of keeping the children safe. After doing some Emotion Code for his back and hip pain which took his pain down to a manageable level. Charles reached out to me for some more assistance. He wanted to do some deeper work.

While doing this work distantly I recorded a session to send to him. I opened myself up to the connection with Spirit and asked for the best possible outcome for Charles. In this session, his father came through and made amends. Through this, we came to understand that something happened to Charles's father when he was 8 years old and he had to grow up and grow up quickly and Charles's father was never able to go after his dreams which made him angry and bitter. Because of the insights and healing gained from this session, Charles reached out very bravely for something that weighed heavily on his heart. Charles confided in me that he had taken his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion. This act haunted him nightly. I have worked with many women that have had abortions and miscarriages and how that energy stays in their bodies. Never had I thought of this from the man's viewpoint. I know that at times the spirit of a child does not want to be brought into life but does want a connection to the parents, acting more as a spirit guide. That was the case with this blessed soul who wanted to assist the mother in her life. Charles was only away for that little soul to come together with its mother.

I enjoy working with Spirit as I am always learning and evolving with each session.

Charles checked on the mother, she is still struggling but Charles has been able to find some peace in his actions and can now sleep better at night.

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